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The further development of Agile Hive is heavily influenced by the feedback we receive from customers, evaluators and Atlassian Partners. Based on their input we are presenting the short-term roadmap. The roadmap's objective is to keep you informed about our backlog and give you the possibility to provide feedback. 

Please note that circumstances and requirements in software are subject to changes and that there is no guarantee that the following features will be implemented in the stated time frames.

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Recently released

Permission check for Admin user

All Levels

Roadmap for multiple ARTs

ART level

Solution Train Roadmap

Plan issues from your Solution Train project on a Roadmap

Portfolio Roadmap

Plan issues from your Portfolio project on a Roadmap

JQL Filter for Breakout and Planning Board

JQL Filters for the views on the Team and ART level

Shared Services on Reports

Allow Shared Service Teams to link their work to multiple ARTs and show on the reports

Coming up next

Health Checks for Admins

Combine all Health Checks on a single page in the Jira administration

Property recalculation for specific projects

Trigger the recalculation for properties for individual ARTs, Solutions or Portfolios within a specified timeframe rather than everything

PIs on Solution level

Create PIs from Solution projects and propagate them to the connected ARTs

Shared Service Teams on Breakout Board

Show Shared Service teams on Breakout Boards when they contribute to Features from a PI

Epics on all levels

Be able to use an Epic at every level of the SAFe hierarchy with the Agile Hive linking

Multi Hive

Have different SAFe configurations in our instance

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